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Law studies in Bochum and Cologne; dr legal 2009 (Bielefeld University).

Lawyer since 1983; partner in various law firms; since 2020 Of Counsel of the law firm SCHMITZ KNOTH.

At the same time specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law and specialist lawyer for sports law.

Member of the Board of the Cologne Bar Association from 03/2000 to 03/2013; Arbitrator of the German Sports Arbitration Court.

Areas of law: banking and capital market law, sports law, criminal tax law; legal professional law.

Memberships: Düsseldorf Bar Association, German Lawyers Association, German Association for Sports Law e.V. – Constance Working Group for German and International Sports Law.


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Nationwide, a bank

The experts from SCHMITZ KNOTH Rechtsanwälte represent legal departments in groups across Germany and complement the operative business in management and capital market issues.


Keep rules and regress right.

We advise and represent the general insurance contract law (conclusion of contract, pre-contractual disclosure, beginning of insurance cover, premium right, insurance agent, causing the insured event, obligations, danger increase), transport and forwarding insurance law, property insurance law (in particular the law of vehicle, building, household , Luggage, fire, burglary and construction insurance) to the law of private personal insurance (in particular the right of life, health, travel cancellation, accident and disability insurance) and Liability insurance law. Special expertise also exists in the area of technical insurance.


Exclude risks and side effects.

SCHMITZ KNOTH lawyers clarify questions of corruption law and formulate compliance solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. In cases of medical liability, we represent patients as well as practitioners in the assertion of their claims.


Protecting your ideas. Under all circumstances.

For individuals and companies, SCHMITZ KNOTH Rechtsanwälte takes on the representation in all questions of copyright and competition law matters. Above all, the clarification of protective rights and design of German and European brands is a priority.


Mergers & Acquisitions with a sure hand.

Founding, merging and restructuring of companies run smoothly under the direction of SCHMITZ KNOTH RECHTSANWÄLTE. If we can not prevent a dispute, we represent their interests in court. With success.


Good staff needs good staff.

SCHMITZ KNOTH RECHTSANWÄLTE are known as experienced representatives of client interests in negotiations on company agreements or collective bargaining agreements. In any case – be it restructuring or social plan, employee or manager.


Regularities for commercial, property and rent.

For companies and builders, SCHMITZ KNOTH RECHTSANWÄLTE has decades of expertise to safeguard interests in terms of remuneration, warranty and compensation.


With a sense of proportion and tact.

Our private lives pose great challenges to us in the event of potential disputes – including legal ones. With SCHMITZ KNOTH RECHTSANWAELTE you have proven legal experts at your side who stand up and fight with great sensitivity for your needs.


For a legal explanation of accident consequences.

In the case of accidents with consequences, SCHMITZ KNOTH RECHTSANWAELTE will take legal action for claims for damages or unsubstantiated claims for their legal interests and implement them.


Our practice for the bureaucracy.

SCHMITZ KNOTH RECHTSANWÄLTE advises public authorities, associations and municipalities on their interests in administrative law – public building law is the focus of their activities.


Compliance without complications.

Entrepreneurial risk needs adequate support in case of wrong decisions. SCHMITZ KNOTH RECHTSANWÄLTE advise and train companies and entrepreneurs on compliance with regulations and measures.


Advocacy for lawyers.

Legal and professional support is provided to lawyers by SCHMITZ KNOTH RECHTSANWÄLTE in the legal practice as well as in the chamber and association industry and the Federal Bar Association, where our partners have been represented for decades.