Pharmaceutical / Medical Law / Health

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SCHMITZ KNOTH advises pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, service providers (Practitioners, both individual and entire practices; hospitals) in all matters in relation to medical and pharmaceutical law.

Pharmaceutical Law

At SCHMITZ KNOTH, our pharmaceutical practice advises pharmaceutical companies on all matters in relation to the law governing pharmaceuticals and medicinal products. Our lawyers provide guidance on modern and innovative distribution solutions and pricing. We add even more value with advice on commercial and corporate matters and the implementation of compliance structures. The firm has special expertise in the fields of licensing, price regulation of pharmaceuticals, and the regulation of pharmaceuticals advertising. 

Medical Law

In this area, our practice primarily focuses on professional negligence cases. We act for patients and medical professionals (individuals, practices, hospitals), defending against claims in relation to professional negligence in medical treatment. This includes not only appearances in court but also in tribunals and alternative dispute resolution.

Additionally, we act for medical professionals (Doctors, Apothecaries, Midwifes, Physiotherapists, etc.) in matters relating to the regulation of the professions and the corporate form and restructuring of their practices.


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We offer legal advice and to represent our clients in front of the German district courts (Amts- and Landgerichte) and the German Courts of Appeal.



provides more than mere legal advice; we understand our task to be your personal advisor, always aiming to create excellent solutions based on common values. Our lawyers always treat clients individually. We act forcefully, but always with far sight, sensibility, and skill.