Clearing the legal vision after an accident.

In cases of accidents with ensuing damage, SCHMITZ KNOTH represents clients in recovering damages or defending against unsubstantiated claims.

Our practice accompanies you through the process of recovering/denying claims in case of traffic accidents. The firm has special expertise in claims for damages for pain and suffering in cases of severe personal injury. Naturally, we also offer representation in relation to taking or defending against recourse by insurers or third parties.

We are your experts for traffic civil law, especially traffic liability law, traffic contract law, insurance law (including vehicle insurance), collision damage insurance, insurance of the person, as well as traffic criminal law, misdemeanours, and the law governing driving licences.


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We offer legal advice and to represent our clients in front of the German district courts (Amts- and Landgerichte) and the German Courts of Appeal.



provides more than mere legal advice; we understand our task to be your personal advisor, always aiming to create excellent solutions based on common values. Our lawyers always treat clients individually. We act forcefully, but always with far sight, sensibility, and skill.