Insurance Law

Taking rightful recourse

SCHMITZ KNOTH advises national and international insurance companies in all matters relating to insurance law and taking recourse. Our practice includes contentious and non-contentious matters.

We count prominent national and international insurance companies, insurance agents, and commercial and private insurees to our client roster. Our Insurance practice is nationally leading based on our client roster and the amount of cases we handle each year.

We advise and represent our clients in matters relating to general insurance contract law (contract formation, pre-contractual obligation to disclose, start of insurance protection, premiums, insurance agents, induction of the insured event, obligations, increase of risk), private personal insurance law (life, health, travel cancellation, accident, and disability insurance law), property insurance (vehicle, building, household, luggage, fire, burglary, and construction insurance law), transport and shipping insurance law, and liability insurance. Technical insurance contracts constitute a special expertise in our practice.

Another focus of our practice is the provision of services in relation to taking recourse on behalf of insurers to recover the value of payments made to the insuree from the tortfeasors. Additionally, we support the effective implementation of recourse structures in your firm.

Furthermore, our lawyers offer legal advice in matters relating to insurance distribution. Our practice covers the entire ambit of this area, from the negotiation and execution of insurance distribution contracts to complex multi-step distribution structures. We support you in suits relating to the unjustified use of personal customer data and enforce your claims against bank balances. Additionally, we support claims relating to statements of account.

Our lawyers represent you in contentious and non-contentious matters as well as other special procedures, such as the insurance ombudsman and disputes involving expert witnesses.


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We offer legal advice and to represent our clients in front of the German district courts (Amts- and Landgerichte) and the German Courts of Appeal.



provides more than mere legal advice; we understand our task to be your personal advisor, always aiming to create excellent solutions based on common values. Our lawyers always treat clients individually. We act forcefully, but always with far sight, sensibility, and skill.