Nationally, one address.

The experts at SCHMITZ KNOTH act for companies all over the nation and add value to their operations through actionable and individual legal advice.

Our team in this practice area includes not just Fachanwälte but also learned former bankers and forms a core pillar of our legal practice. We regularly appear in our own right, involve our Berlin office, and do not hesitate to travel to more remote court locations. We offer support for both in house counsel and management. Additionally, our lawyers’ membership of corporate boards allows us to add our own practical experience to advising management, corporations, and shareholders. We specialise in suits relating to professional negligence and suits for rescission or compensation in relation to security exchange regulations, and in securities regulation; in matters relating to debt and equity, and even in class actions. Furthermore, we advise and act in matters of commercial agency as well as for distributors in the financial services market. Teamwork is an integral part of our culture and is especially practised by our Financial Services team.


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We offer legal advice and to represent our clients in front of the German district courts (Amts- and Landgerichte) and the German Courts of Appeal.



provides more than mere legal advice; we understand our task to be your personal advisor, always aiming to create excellent solutions based on common values. Our lawyers always treat clients individually. We act forcefully, but always with far sight, sensibility, and skill.