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Private lives can present great challenges when conflicts arise – personal and legal. Your legal experts at SCHMITZ KNOTH stand by your side to enforce and fight for your interests.

Family life is made up of many parts. Children may become involved in family law matters at a young age; for example, on matters of ancestry, adoption, custody, or maintenance. Having found a partner for life, further legal questions arise, primarily in relation to the law of property. May I still dispose of my property at my sole discretion? Should I conclude a prenuptial agreement, and if so, what should its content be to fit my individual circumstances? Furthermore, cohabitation may create situations in which legal advice becomes necessary. Typically, questions of succession (personal or corporate) may arise, so that you require advice on corporate law, wills, or postnuptial agreements. In the case of corporations, one must consider how a suitable successor is to be found and how they are to be integrated. Can the firm currently be signed over at all? Can I protect my (private) wealth from creditors? In personal matters, many cases concern the design of one’s will and how it will be enforced. Should you enable your family to make decisions on your behalf using a power of attorney for health care declarations? How do I respond to maintenance claims by parents? When relationships fail, these emotional events create questions about divorce, disposition of the primary residence, liquidation of matrimonial property, maintenance (for children; separation and divorce related), pension rights adjustment, equal distribution of surplus, and matters of custody. Disputes between co-heirs are common, on the line of succession, compulsory portions, and on matters relating to the executors.

Since these potentials for legal conflict are manifold, the challenges you are presented with require individual solutions. No matter the situation, we accompany you with sound advice, estimate your need for legal action, provide you with individual solutions, and carry those solutions into practice. We support your claims in and out of court or defend you against claims made by others. We proceed with sense and sensibility in order to solve your problem in the most beneficial manner possible, on the economic and the personal level. We do not hesitate to engage in constructive dialogue with the other side; instead, we seek to support a non-contentious solution, especially to protect children involved. Furthermore, we examine already existing legal documents (prenuptial agreements, wills, inheritance contracts, powers of attorney, etc.) and assist you in preparation of these documents. Do not hesitate to contact us for a second opinion. We are there for you – sensitive and discreet.


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We offer legal advice and to represent our clients in front of the German district courts (Amts- and Landgerichte) and the German Courts of Appeal.



provides more than mere legal advice; we understand our task to be your personal advisor, always aiming to create excellent solutions based on common values. Our lawyers always treat clients individually. We act forcefully, but always with far sight, sensibility, and skill.